Gym Tips 1


Dumbbell Pull-overs
Most stretched position. Lower to this point carefully. Huge stretch. Then finish with Dumbbell above eyes, keeping tension on the muscles. Best over-all upper body exercise in the gym for swimming. Build up weight slowly.

Swiss Ball Twisting Crunches
Pull navel in towards spine. Finish with body at 45 degrees and twisting to face sideways. Twist waist like you would twist a rag that you are trying to wring the water out of. Squeeze!

Dumbbell Reverse Rotators
For Rotator cuff strengthening, swimmer's shoulder prevention. Finishing position: tilt your body forward slightly

Dumbbell Dead Lifts
Straight back. Head up. Shoulder blades squeezed together. Push up through heels. Feet flat on the floor. No pausing at the top or the bottom.


Gym TIps 1