Epic Camp

Curse Of The Yellow Jersey

A few weeks a go I finished the last Epic Camp which was held in The French Alps. Epic Camp is a unique training camp focused on seeing how much training you can manage in the eight days. To make it interesting and motivate you Read More...

Epic France - Epilogue

As ever Epic Camp was an amazing experience. The phrase is normally “once in a lifetime” but since I’ve done four that’s not quite right. I feel lu Read More...

Epic France - Day 8

Swim: 0km
Bike: 175km / 2,650m
Run: 0k
Hours: 6h29

Epic France - Day 7

Swim: 2.4km
Bike: 171km / 3,000m
Run: 8k
Hours: 8h10

Epic France - Day 6

Swim: 1km
Bike: 39km / 1,220m
Run: 29k
Hours: 4h45

Epic France - Day 5

Swim: 1.8km
Bike: 184km / 2,660m
Run: 4.5k
Hours: 7h50

Epic France - Day 4

Swim: 3km
Bike: 162km / 3,400m
Run: 10.3k
Hours: 8h10

Epic France - Day 3

Swim: 6km
Bike: 161km / 3,200m
Run: 8.7k
Hours: 8h36

Epic France - Day 2

Swim: 1.5km
Bike: 57km / 1,500m
Run: 30k
Hours: 6h10

Epic France - Day 1

Swim: 1.3km
Bike: 130km / 2,400m
Run: 6k
Hours: 5h36

Epic France - Prologue

It was a long journey yesterday from Taunton to Lyon. Left home at 10:15am and got to the hotel about midnight. The whole time my hand and arm were swelling more and more. The woman at the checkin desk at Heathrow was a little concerned. Got a load of Piriton in Boots and it seems under control now. Read More...

Going Stag On Epic Camp

Epic France starts this coming weekend and for the first time I’m heading there without Jo. Till now I’ve had it easy - I’ve always known my room mate and in many cases being the only couple we’ve got the best accommodation. Read More...

Life After Epic

It’s over and I’m back to ‘normal’ life. Well normal as my life is currently. As Jo says it’s funny having little to do when you’re not in your own home as you really do have little to do. I’ve enjoyed the downtime so far. Read More...

Epic Camp Day 15 - DONE!

We made it ! What a fantastic trip. Awesome experience. Read More...

Epic Camp Day 14

We’re nearly there. Today’s picture is of Clas and I at the regroup after the KOM (mum - this means King Of The Mountains ;o)). It’s been a bit of a highlight getting to know Clas. We seemed to hit if off from the start Read More...

Epic Camp Day 13

Todays picture is of the food that awaits our finish on each day of Epic Camp. Today was particularly nice with lots of Christmas Cake on offer.
Quite a leisurely start today meeting Tara and Petro for a 10k run at 7am Read More...

Epic Camp Day 12

We started today with a fantastic run round Godley Head in Christchurch. It was a beautiful run in lovely weather. Over the hills to the coast and back along the coast. 18.5km so clearly tacked on 1.5km to 20km Read More...

Epic Camp Day 11

Gordo reckons he saw signs of me feeling tired. He seemed quite pleased. When I cursed at my gears he had further evidence though he reckons I didn’t swear .... I’m sure I did. Anyway ... I think I am starting to get a little tired Read More...

Epic Camp Day 10

Too hectic a day to take any photos so here’s a photo of Jo arriving on the South Island. Read More...

Epic Camp Day 9 - Regroup

Thats at least £100,000 worth of bikes racked up on the Wellington to Picton Ferry. The North Island is finished. In the first 8 days I’ve covered 1,326 KM at an average pace of 29.9km/h together with 28.2km of swimming and 113.5km of running. Read More...

Epic Camp Day 8 - Mechanical

The picture is of me on Annettes bike, god knows how many sizes too small, having got over todays big climb on it. Read More...

Epic Camp Day 7

We’re in Masterton this evening with one day before we finish the North Island. Another storming day. The highlight was at the swim this morning. Look at the picture above does that or does that not look like a proper fly swimmer ? Read More...

Epic Camp Day 6

Jo and I lucked out tonight and got the honeymoon suite (above). Scott nearly choked on a carrot he was eating when I came in to the communal area and said to Jo “ come on sweetheart, we’ve got the honeymoon suite and should try and make the most of it”. Read More...

Epic Camp Day 5

What an absolutely awesome day. So enjoying this environment. Firstly todays photo - we were issued with Chamoix Cream and this tub above at the start of the camp to try and help keep are arses aok with so much riding. Read More...

Epic Camp Day 4- My Day In Yellow

Firstly something I forgot to mention. The “Ripster” has had problems with his bike so yesterday he couldn’t ride whilst it was taken to a bike shop in Aukland. Keen to not lose any points he got in the pool and swam 15.5km straight ! Took 3h40. Read More...

Epic Camp Day 3 - Back In Yellow

Yeh baby ! Like last time here’s a piccie - not sure I’ll be in it for long so will be sure to get a picture tomorrow. Anyway ... to keep the tension I’ll write it chronologically (even though you know the ending). Read More...

Epic Camp Day 2

Here’s Jo looking happy just before heading out on todays ride. Read More...

Epic Camp Day 1

Here’s Jo and I at Cape Reinga for the start of our End to End challenge across New Zealand. Everyone was happy and raring to start our 15 day challenge. Read More...

Defending The Yellow

The photo is a brand new Yellow Jersey and as current holder of if I’ve the pleasure of starting this camp tomorrow in Yellow. Should get a photo in it just in case it’s my only day in yellow ! Read More...

End Of Another Year

Another year comes to an end. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a year in as good a shape as I have this one. It’s quite amazing to think I’ve gone from being in a wheelchair to completing an Ironman this year. Read More...

Post Epic Camp

Back in Christchurch now. We had a great drive back in the van yesterday morning - great scenery and a pretty quick journey back. Gave us enough time to get a gentle spin on the bikes out towards Sumner Read More...

Epic NZ09 Day 8

Final day of the camp. Today was special events day. First down to the pool for swim events. Three races which combined would be classed as a major events (so 9 points for winner and half point less as u go down the order). Read More...

ECNZ09 Day 7

Today was the final full days training on Epic Camp - tomorrow is swim events in the morning and then a Triatlon in the afternoon. Read More...

ECNZ09 Day 6

Another great day on Epic Camp. Felt a little jaded today on the bike - probably same reason as in Italy - I did a tough day on the easy day and most others didn’t. So relative to the rest I was probably tired Read More...

ECNZ09 Day5

Like at Epic Italy day 5 is an easier day. This allows those that are feeling the strain to take it a little easier and recover a little though still having to swim, bike and run whilst those gunning for points get their chance to Read More...

ECNZ09 Day4

It’s been a wet day on Epic Camp. Above you can see Jo being a good bike owner giving her bike a good clean and oil. You don’t want it inefficient on a camp like this. I’m still in yellow and have in fact managed Read More...

ECNZ09 Day 3

Here’s Jo and I at the first aid station proudly wearing our respective jerseys for the day.
Last night I had a pretty restless night - so much going over in my mind Read More...

ECNZ09 Day 2

You’ve guessed it I’m in yellow ! It was bloody hard work to get it and it’s pretty certain that tomorrow I will lose it as we will all do a 200km ride but I’ve already done two so won’t get the two bonus points but Tara Read More...

ECNZ09 Day 1

Cracking first day. Without intentionally trying to get in to yellow on day 1 I ended the day equal on points with Tara but she got the yellow as she did better in the swim TT and the king of the mountains. Must admit it’s abit Read More...

Easing Off Pre Epic

So the idea this week was to ease off and get recovered for Epic Camp. Well, I’ve kind of eased of but not much. I think this rather gives an insight into what often motivates me to train and why I don’t really need races to focus me on training Read More...

Epic - An Alternative View

Continue to feel bombed today. Slept 12 hours last night and then snoozed this morning for 90 minutes. Knocked all training on the head, tried to eat well and just chilled for the day. Read More...

Epic Italy - Part 2

Second instalment of the Epic Camp entry. Had a couple of days of complete rest now and gone through a period of feeling pretty down following the camp. Getting back in to some sort of routine is helping Read More...

Epic Italy - Part 1

Just read my previous entry ahead of writing this and knowing how quickly I got involved in the Epic Camp Points competition it seems rather amusing that I was stating I wouldn’t ! Yes, Jo and I are back from Epic Camp and it was awesome Read More...

Pre Epic Camp

Tomorrow Jo and I are flying to Verona to take part in Epic Camp. I am so excited about this. Been something I’ve wanted to do ever since getting serious about Ironman. I’m looking forward to an environment Read More...